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Self-adhesive labels are used widely. Depending on a product or sector in which they are used we apply different types of self-adhesive raw materials. They have different types of glue and refinement in order to secure and improve the attractiveness of a label.

Labels – what can we offer to you?


Are savings precious to you? Paper labels are the most economic solution for most sectors. In addition, they enable printing in many colours and refining, for example, through painting or gilding.

Lagraf Partners prints paper materials, such as:

  • white semi-glossy,
  • metallised,
  • for thermal printing,
  • for thermal transfer printing,
  • with easily-removable adhesive,
  • with adhesive for deep freezing,
  • with adhesive for pasteurization,
  • Pharma raw materials (for small diameter packages),
  • fluorescent,
  • sandwich type.


Focus on the durability and versatility of foil labels. Such labels are used in particular in places exposed to dampness, dirt and dust. A label protected with foil is resistant to dirt, oily stains and dampness, making it more durable.

We overprint such foil materials as:

  • white and transparent,
  • metallised,
  • mat,
  • pearl,
  • with adhesive for difficult surfaces,
  • with easily-removable adhesive.


Peel-Off labels are special multi-side labels which can be printed in 2 layers. This type of labels may be made from paper layers or from PP foil layers. Owing to additional space for overprinting, this is a solution which is perfect for companies which have to place a lot of information on their labels or which sell not only in one country but they want to include different language versions on such labels.


Booklet labels are intended for lots of information on a small space. A multi-page, folded and self-adhesive booklet is a response to the need for providing lots of information on a single label. This saves your space and money.


Each our label may be refined additionally through convex letters certified by the Polish Association of the Blind. Braille’s alphabet enables reading information placed on the label also by people with visual impairment. Lagraf Partners uses Braille overprinting in the same production line with other colours printed on the label or we make convex overprinting on the print.

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