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Your new partner in business

Do you have a company? Do you focus on development? Lagraf Partners can become your business partner which will support you in everyday tasks. Every day we deliver such materials as: thermal transfer ribbons (thermal transfer tapes), TTR/RIBBON, wax ribbons, label overprint, inserts, adhesive tapes, paper, calendars, devices and machines improving a packing process and an identification process, and many others. We also perform digital printing.


Thermal transfer ribbons


inserts and label tags




adhesive tapes


wax ribbons


packages and wrappers


label overprint


printers and accessories

Why is worth cooperating with us and becoming our partner?


For many years we have been operating on the Polish market as Lagraf Partners rendering comprehensive services to Polish companies in the field of supplying consumables and packages. We support small and medium-sized companies and you can also join them. As
compared to our competitors, we stand out for involvement and top quality which we offer for affordable prices.



Owing to partnership agreements with manufacturers and direct importers, we can guarantee the high quality of products, attractive prices and the timeliness of delivery.


We fulfil non-standard and express orders in our own means of transport. In this way, we are certain that everything goes as planned. Always ont time.


We focus on positive and partner-like relations with our Customers. We are convinced that professionalism is tantamount to a smile, respect and kindness.

Professional knowledge

We can boast about our several years’ experience in sale supported by successes in corporations and in large private companies. We provide help and advice!


It is said that time is precious and we respect this rule! We ensure quick valuation and the timeliness of delivery in order to guarantee a manufacturing flow at every company. Try our services out!


We are passionate about everything we do. We focus on positive and effective contacts with our Customers. Involvement is what counts most to us. Your needs inspire us to do various things.

Lagraf Partners Sp. z o.o. is Gepard Biznesu 2020

Lagraf Partners Sp. z o.o. in Jelcz-Laskowice was awarded by the European Business Institute in the 15th edition of Gepardy Biznesu 2020 Competition based on financial data from the National Court
Register. Our Company develops dynamically – an average from the dynamics of net incomes and profits in the years 2018-2019 was 676.6%. That brought in the title Gepard Biznesu 2020.

We have implemented the FSC® 

  • guarantee of the origin of the product
  • protection of forest resources
  • sustainable sourcing
  • responsible economy
  • the highest quality of the raw material

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