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Digital print
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Digital print is a perfect way to complement a standard
offer of a printing house. This is inexpensive and fast
print which is suitable for low circulation. Our machines
enable offset quality print on various materials in the
format from A4 to SRA3+(480 mm x 330 mm). In
addition, all the printouts may undergo full bookbinding

Digital print – what can we offer to you?

We focus on quality for competitive prices. Digital print at Lagraf Partners means, above all:

  • short lead time,
  • quality much higher than printouts from a typical printer or plotter,
  • possible printing on many different bases,
  • low printout costs owing to the lack of a printing plate,
  • savings on the lack of test printouts,
  • all the printouts may undergo full bookbinding processing,
  • possible design editing nearly at each stage of printout,
  • possible use of many colours.

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